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Our customer’s production-programs are addressed with flexibility and adaptability because we respond with readiness by having the capabilities to operate and ship 7/24 of the week; let us know your urgent necessities! We will respond and give you, immediately, the solution that you expect from us.

One of our fundamental values ​​in MD Manufacturing is that we adapt ourselves to the work-schedule schemes of our customers and adopt their best practices in order to meet their expectations in quality, quantity, and timeliness for a flexible framework.


Our processes are geared to quality and world-class manufacturing and we are currently in the process of the implementation of the ISO / TS16949 certification. These certifications will enable us to be more competitive at every stage of the process, and at the same time, offer you a affordable cost.




We have developed the skills to deal with emergencies or urgent changes of our customers responding with product lines within hours. We have safety-stock availability in all of our products, allowing us to make mold-shipment changes, immediately, or mold-process changes in a short time.

We are, strategically, located in the heart of Mexico; in the Bajio´s region that allows us to acquire excellent communication links to ensure timely deliveries. With our logistical capabilities to ship 7/24, we can assure you that your product will arrive with the right quantity, quality, and timeliness.